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SIMM offers two types of membership, namely ordinary and corporate membership for professionals, associates and corporations in the purchasing, logistics and supply chain industries.

The Institute also serves as a one-stop resource centre, providing global information on Logistics, Materials, Warehousing and Physical Distributions, Production and Inventory Control, Purchasing and Supply Channel Management. The aim is to help organisations and industries to continuously develop Logistics and Materials Management so as to maximise profit and growth.

The SIMM Resource Centre houses reference books, audio and video tapes on Materials and Logistics Management and other related subjects. SIMM also provides consultancy and meets the training needs of individual and corporate members by conducting courses, conference, seminars, workshops and in-house training programs. As part of the online community of Logistics Professionals, members get to enjoy special benefits and privileges. Members are kept abreast of latest events, new launches and developments in the industry through our email alerts.


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