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Vision of SCSP
To be the Centre of Excellence for Supply Chain Security Professionals in Asia Pacific Region.
Mission of SCSP
To educate, enhance and sustain competency in supply chain security management amongst the logistics and supply chain management practitioners.

What's New
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News Releases
[22nd December 2011]
TAPA tries to fortify trucking Achilles heel
The Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) has moved to strengthen safeguards against cargo crime targeting the trucking sector. The anti-theft ...

[05th December 2011]
TNT Express ... today opened its advanced Regional Security Command Centre in Singapore...

[15th November 2011]
TAPA launches new Trucking Security Requirements to fight back against $10 billion losses from organized crime on international highways...
 Paper on TAPA Truck Security Requirements (TSR) 2012

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