Course Title: Apply 5S Techniques [5S]
Course Reference No: CRS-Q-0008067-MF
Competency Standard(s) Code: MF-COM-101C-2
Mode of training: Classroom based

Who Should Attend
The programme is for participants who achieve organisation, department and section goal and results through team effort that strongly demand application of 5S techniques in workplace.

Entry Requirement
Participants should be able to understand and speak English.

Award of Certificate

  • Successful students will be awarded: WSQ Statement of Attainment (SOA) by WDA.
  • Students must pass the assessment and attend 100% of the sessions.

Course Objectives
Participants will be introduced to the 5S principles of housekeeping, which is a critical discipline in the workplace.

Participants will learn the application techniques for:

  • SEIRI - Clear unnecessary items from work area
  • SEITON - Organise work area in an orderly manner
  • SEISO - Clean work area
  • SEIKESTU - Maintain work area cleanliness
  • SHITSUKE - Maintain self-discipline in work area

Elements in 5S program

  • Purpose and benefits of 5S program
  • How does it helps you and your Organisation to be effective
  • Basic principles of effective workplace organisation
  • Organisational health and safety guidelines relating to performing SEIRI, SEITON, SEISO, SEIKETSU and SHITSUKE

Teaching Methodologies

  • Lectures
  • Demonstration
  • Hands on activities on elements of competence
  • Group Discussions and Q&A

FORMATIVE Assessment
Participants will be assessed according to related WSQ Standard Assessment Plan.

Course Key Information

Administrative Details

Course Duration: 17.5 hours
Course Fee: S$450. For funding eligibility, please contact us for more information. Participants must be members of SIMM.
Registration: On first-come-first-served basis. Reservations made by telephone or telefax will only be confirmed upon receipt of registration form and cheque.
Registration Deadline: 2 weeks before course commences.
Venue: SIMM Training Room at 9 Ah Hood Road #04-06, Singapore 329975.

Payment of Fees
Payment must be made 2 weeks before the course commencement date. Cheque must be crossed and made payable to 'Singapore Institute of Materials Management'.

Refund of Fees
Notice of withdrawal must be given in writing in accordance to the Terms & Conditions for Enrolment for refund of course fee.

SIMM reserves the right to postpone/cancel the course due to unforeseen circumstances.

For more information on SIMM courses, please do not hesitate to contact the SIMM Secretariat:

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9 Ah Hood Road #04-06, Singapore 329975

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