Student Testimonial - Up Close & Personal with Moses

Mr Moses Samathanam, full time student for Graduate Diploma in Logistics & Materials Management.

The quest for a recognised qualification in Logistics led Mr Moses Samathanam, age 38, to travel across the Indian Ocean from the city of Chennai to Singapore. Moses enjoyed a glorious moment in Singapore when he was the captain of the SIMM team that won a third place in the Young Professional Green Supply Chain Case Study Contest in March 2011, beating other teams from the local polytechnics in Singapore. Moses graduated with a Graduate Diploma in Logistics & Materials Management in July 2011.

Moses shares the joy of his surprise win:

Q: How do you find your lessons at SIMM so far?
I am very pleased with the real time application and knowledge which have been taught at SIMM. In fact, I could relate a lot of it to my previous work experience in a procurement function in Chennai. The lecturers at SIMM are very knowledgeable and have a lot of invaluable industry experience to share.

Q. Tell us about your win at the Professional Green Supply Chain Case Study Contest?
It was an exhilarating experience for me! I did not expect it at all. I participated mainly for the experience. And to think my team nearly could not make it for the submission deadline. We were the last team to submit our entry.

Q. What are your plans after you completed your study at SIMM?
I hope to get a job in the Singapore logistics industry and bring my family over. I can really get used to how organised Singapore is. I think Singapore is a great place for my 6-year-old girl to grow up in.

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