Student Testimonial - Up Close & Personal with Milton

Mr Milton Ng, Part time student for the Bridging Module leading to a Bachelor of Commerce in Logistics & Supply Chain Management.

Mr Milton Ng, a 23-year-old Logistics Officer with an award winning Logistics Service Provider, is a long time student with SIMM. All in all, he has earned himself two certificates respectively in Logistics and International Trading & Shipping, a WSQ Certificate in Generic Manufacturing Skills and a Diploma in Supply Chain Management. Bitten by the studying fever, Milton is now studying for a Bridging module at SIMM which would lead him to a Bachelor programme. His constant pursuit for knowledge is an inspiration and affirms the fact that it is never too late to live up to your aspirations.

Milton shares his thoughts about SIMM:

Q: What are the areas you feel that SIMM has done well?
The school hired lecturers who are really helpful and supportive, helping the students throughout the learning journey at SIMM.

Q. Do you think your enhanced qualifications earned at SIMM has helped you in your career?
Definitely. SIMM qualification helps me a lot in my career path. More importantly, it enhances my knowledge and ability to solve work-related issues. The study materials and work experiences shared by the SIMM lecturers also help me to be mindful and avoid possible mistakes that could prove costly for companies. With the qualifications earned at SIMM, I was able to move from a store man to my current position as a Logistic Officer.

Q. What would you say to others who are considering to upgrade themselves at SIMM?
SIMM stands up among the rest because it is more recognised in the industry.

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